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At the Lung Center of America, we want you to breathe easy! We know that a life with lung-related conditions is limited—but we can help you push past those limits with proven, individualized protocols that work. Remission from symptoms of asthma, COPD, asthma and emphysema is possible! 

The proof is in our patients! At the Lung Center of America, we know a symptom-free life IS possible—because we see it happen every day! If you are living a life limited by a lung condition, we want to help you breathe easier.


Rather than treat the symptoms, Dr. Wagshul works to treat the root causes of lung disease—providing patients with long-term relief and even remission from asthma, COPD, mycoplasma pneumonia, and emphysema!


Dr. Wagshul has treated over 20,000 patients from across and America and around the world with lung-related conditions, using safe, customized therapeutic protocols, helping them return to the normal, active lives they desire.​


Dr. Wagshul completed his internship and residency in 1984 at Perth Amboy Hospital, New Jersey College of Medicine and Dentistry. He spent two years at Norwalk Hospital, Yale University School of Medicine, completing a pulmonary fellowship.

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Denisea attended and graduated with an Associate of Science in Nursing from the Kettering College of Medical Arts, Kettering, Ohio in 1992. That degree was followed by a Bachelor of Science in Nursing, from The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio​ in 2009.

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Tiffany worked as a Staff Nurse at the Kettering Health Network, a Nurse Practitioner at First Team Medical Clinics, and as an Adjunct faculty member of the Ohio Institute of Allied Health in 2020 before joining the Lung Center of America in the spring of 2021.

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Ashley knew she was destined to help people in third grade after viewing an actual surgery on TV with her classmates. “I just knew I wanted to help people and becoming a nurse seemed like a great path to fulfill that dream.”


A welcome smile, same week appointments, and staff committed
to help you recover a life without limits.


Julie, Operations Manager – Julie has been our Operations Manager since 2015. Julie has extensive experience in medical practice management.


Tish, Office Manager, Medical Assistant, M.A. – Tish oversees the day-to-day function of the practice. Specific tasks include the patient environment and patient safety making sure all our patients experience is the best care.



Medical Assistant, M.A.



Respiratory Therapist, RRT



Respiratory Therapist, RRT

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Mary Jane

Front Desk Specialist


"...I went to see Dr Wagshul in Ohio which was an 800-mile drive for me. It was rough, but I would do it again in a second. I tested positive for mycoplasma pneumoniae bacteria and I'm now several weeks into an antibiotic treatment of doxycycline and azithromycin. I can't say I'm back to 100% yet but I am off all asthma medications and am worlds ahead of where I was just a few weeks ago and I literally feel like I have gotten my life back..."

Dallas C., Missouri Valley, IA