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Ureaplasma is a group of tiny bacteria that inhabit the respiratory and urogenital (urinary and reproductive) tract.  They are some of the smallest free-living organisms in the world, They are so tiny that they can’t be seen through a microscope.

Ureaplasma is often a part of the human microbiome, which consists of trillions of tiny cells that live in and on the human body.  These tiny organisms help you digest food, fight infections, and maintain reproductive health.

Sometimes typically harmless bacteria overgrow and inflame healthy tissues.  This creates a colony of bacteria that can lead to infection.

Ureaplasma species have been linked to various medical problems, including bacterial vaginosis and pregnancy complications.  Ureaplasma infections appear to be associated with an increased risk of problems but not their direct cause.  However, the research is inconclusive. 

Common Symptoms Include:
Most people with a ureaplasma infection don’t experience any symptoms.  Ureaplasma infection is a possible cause of inflammation in the urethra.  This is called urethritis.  Both men and women may experience the following symptoms of urethritis:
  • Pain during urination

  • Burning sensation

  • Discharge

The Lung Center of America Difference

  • At LCOA, we investigate and treat the cause of the symptoms, not just the symptoms.

  • LCOA provides safe, proven, and effective treatment protocols—individualized for each patient.

  • Dr. Wagshul’s patients are rarely admitted to hospitals or need emergency treatment for breathing problems.

  • Call us today to set up a consultation! 866-844-5262

“Without question, I would say that the treatments that I received from Dr. Wagshul and his staff have been very, very successful for me."
Jay J., London, UK
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