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LCOA adds to its Pulmonary multi-specialty expertise with diabetes prevention, treatment, and management. 

A major criticism of traditional medicine is that it often seeks to treat the symptoms of a disease rather than address the initial causes. The functional medicine approach for diabetes takes a more holistic look at the patient as a whole rather than simply focusing on the disease itself. Our approach at LCOA focuses on the main cause of diabetes and implementing lifestyle changes that longer-term provide quality-of-life solutions.

This could mean, for example, changing someone’s diet to eat fresh food and less sugar and getting more exercise, reducing weight and their potential to develop the disease. One of the reasons why we in the Western world have an issue with diabetes is the consumption of high-carb diets, which have become increasingly popular since the early 80s.


Low-carb diets have been shown consistently to help prevent the onset of diabetes and reduce dangerous spikes in blood sugar levels.


The Lung Center of America Difference

YOU do NOT have to live with symptoms of COPD when you can live symptom-free. Many of our patients, who had experienced a decline in their quality of life, have returned to their normal active lives.

  • At LCOA, we investigate and treat the cause of the symptoms, not just the symptoms.

  • LCOA provides safe, proven, and effective treatment protocols—individualized for each patient.

  • Call us today to set up a consultation!  866-844-5262

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