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Emphysema Symptoms & Treatments

Emphysema is a breathing condition where the air sacs of the lungs continually deteriorate, making it progressively difficult to breathe. Emphysema is usually accompanied by chronic bronchitis, with almost daily or daily cough and phlegm.


Symptoms Include:
  • Shortness of Breath – Frequent respiratory infections, shortness of breath, gasping for air, or wheezing

  • Wheezing – A whistling or rattling sound in the chest caused by airway obstruction

  • Chest Tightness – A squeezing or tightening in the chest area

  • Fatigue – Feeling continually worn out, not having the desire or ability to exercise

  • Cough – Ongoing dry cough or cough with phlegm

  • Sputum Production – Coughing up and spitting out the material produced in the respiratory tract


The Lung Center of America Difference

YOU do NOT have to live with symptoms of emphysema when you can live symptom-free. Many of our patients, who had experienced a decline in their quality of life, have returned to their normal active lives.

  • At LCOA, we investigate and treat the cause of the symptoms, not only the symptoms.

  • LCOA provides safe, proven, and effective treatment protocols—individualized for each patient.

  • Our emphysema patients experience significant breathing relief.

  • Dr. Wagshul’s patients are rarely admitted to hospitals or need emergency treatment for breathing problems.

  • Call us today to set up a consultation! 888 788-9101

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"...I visited Dr. Wagshul back in September/October 2013 he put me through 4 different antibiotic treatment regimens and the last one definitely finally worked! Thank God, I got my life back.”

John B., Chicago, IL
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