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Nurse Practitioner Denisea Mount Joins LCOA

After completing her nursing degree locally at Kettering College of Healthcare, Denisea chose to join the staff at LCOA. Why? Because she could tell that the values of Dr. Wagshul and LCOA matched her own.

As a mom of three, Denisea has stepped into the role of nurse with the same dedication she shows in all areas of her life. She’s committed to careful care, understanding, and a patient-oriented perspective. Coming from a family of healthcare providers, Denisea knows how important the provider is in the patient-provider relationship.

Nursing is a calling for Denisea. Making a difference, helping others—these are the dreams that called her into the profession. They’re also part of how she makes LCOA such a special place to be. A task-oriented professional, Denisea is focused on each individual’s care. She works to develop a relationship with each patient, taking the time to understand their story.

“I’ve learned that there is more going on with each patient than just their physical needs,” said Denisea. “It’s my goal to reach out and understand people at a deeper level.”

This approach is what makes Denisea a patient favorite at LCOA. She’s gifted in not just evaluating physical needs, but also taking the time to understand a patient’s emotional and environmental needs. By digging deep to root out other causes, Denisea is able to provide more holistic care.

Today, Denisea is living and working in South Dayton. By investing her time and talent close to work, she’s able to live out here dreams of providing exceptional patient-focused care right here at LCOA—making her community a better place, one patient at a time.

1 comment

1 Comment

Jun 08, 2022

She is awesome… great bedside manner, very friendly and will answer all your questions. LCOA has the greatest medical team

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