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Welcome to Lung Centers of America!

By Julie Eversole, Operations Manager

We have experienced tremendous change and opportunity over the past year; we have been asked to participate in a National pulmonary research study in coming months in addition to being asked (and soon published) in a European healthcare publication regarding how our model saves consumers and health plans funds. Our expanding patient base drew patients from 13 states in addition to Canada and Great Britain.

What we are most excited about are what heard when we listened to you, our patients regarding satisfaction with care and how we differ from other respiratory care options you have:

  • 98% of our patients say we are above average with our office customer service

  • 55% of our patients have seen improved quality of life with our services and recommendations (There are some great feedback videos on our patient stories section of our site)

  • 100% of our patients say that they would refer their friends and families to LCOA

Additionally, you shared that you appreciated us putting your needs first; scheduling appointments and exams sooner (some the same day of your call!) and having your medications refilled quickly in addition to attempting to take your phone calls with minimal transfers or voicemails. In one feedback we heard that we treat people with value and not like a number or computer file.

We believe in a positive patient experience and customer service – your feedback validates that we are on the right track!

Thank you for helping guide our success – have any suggestions or comments? Please feel free to email through the Contact Us page of our website or look us up on Facebook.

We look forward to helping improve your respiratory health in addition to a positive office experience with us!



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