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Why is it important to keep an updated medication list?

It is important to keep an up to date medication list with all your providers, as well as your pharmacist due to frequent drug interactions and how prescription medications affect one another. For instance, certain medications can increase the affect on your body while others can decrease the amount your body absorbs.

Your medication list should include not only the medications you are taking but also what milligram and how often you are taking them. You should also include allergies to foods and other drugs.

It is important to include any over the counter medications as well as vitamins and supplements can help your physician and improve your level of care.

Here at Lung Center of America we strive to update medication list with each appointment; we do this to ensure we are prescribing the correct and most effective medications for our patients. We also work with pharmacist daily to check drug interactions and possible allergies.

Let us know if we can assist you with your medication list or questions when you are here for your next appointment.

By Promise Eversole, Medical Assistant



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