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Beat The Heat

Authored By - Julie Eversole, Operations Manager at the Lung Center of America

Respiratory issues and breathing problems may be especially difficult during the spring and summer months. Chronic lung conditions like asthma and COPD can make breathing more difficult in high humidity and temperatures. Taking precautions and making appropriate lifestyle modifications can help to take the burn out of the warmer months and allow you to breathe easy while participating in your normal activities.

Why do I feel short of breath in the summer?

When you already have an underlying pulmonary issue, the heat and humidity can aggravate your symptoms. It is important to be in communication with your Pulmonologist during this time, as some changes may need to be made to your medication routine.

Is there anything I can do to help my symptoms?

Yes! As stated before, make sure to follow up with your pulmonologist if your symptoms worsen. In addition, please review our list for decreasing your intolerance to heat.

  1. Limit your exposure to hot/humid air as much as possible. If you have to go out, check your local weather forecast and attempt to go at the coolest time of the day.

  2. Eat a healthy diet and talk to your medical professional about an appropriate exercise program.

  3. Hydration! Make sure to stay hydrated.

  4. Maintain clean, cool air inside the home, and strive to keep the humidity under 50 percent.

  5. Air conditioning – Did you know that there are several grant programs for low-income families? Ohio also offers assistance with your energy bills, if qualified.

Please visit if you or someone you know is unable to use their air conditioning.

Be sure to visit us at, or call our office today to schedule an appointment.

More questions? Contact Julie at LCOA and we will be glad to assist you.

Julie Eversole

Lung Center of America

Operations Manager



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